Corporate Culture

Corporate Culture

The core of Lives-Road’s corporate culture: Sincerity, Tolerance, Efficiency and Innovation.
Sincerity as the core, includes being true to the market, being sincere to customers, performing duties in good faith and getting along with others in goodwill;
Tolerance as the atmosphere, includes being tolerant towards misunderstandings of customers and shortcomings of others;
Efficiency as the performance, includes efficient response to market demand and customer demand, and efficient completion of work tasks;
Innovation as the soul, includes strategic innovation, concept innovation, institutional innovation, technological innovation, market innovation and management innovation.

The core of value: 
Cultivate body and mind to promote your profession, enterprise strengthens and customers thrive.

Create global industry-leading products, Establish international benchmark for the industry.

Development concept:
Create continuously extending world with forward-looking thinking, to cultivate lasting perfect connotation with introverted temperament. Roads connect the world, Quality wins the future. 

Product concept:
Enter from High-end, Stride systematically and Promote comprehensively; Product shows character while quality shows conscience; offer customers the best products which have various specifications, high-tech, sound performance and optimal cost-effectiveness.

Service concept:
Planning for customers before sales, responsible for customers during the sale, satisfying customers after sales; safeguarding the interests of customers is always our ultimate goal. 

Management concept:
Management is a practice, which is not in "know”, but in "action”. Its meaning lies in aiming high and simplifying complex questions. 

Talent Concept:
TATU adheres to people-oriented and long-term development. As an industry leader, employees are the first element of TATU, the driving force for TATU’s sustained and rapid development. The company not only offers a very competitive compensation and benefits system for employees, but also provides them a set of practical training programs and professional development programs. TATU respects every employee by giving space for career development and reflecting the opportunities for personal growth and self-worth. We believe in building happy life and brilliant future for TATU employees as the company's basic philosophy. TATU will provide a good platform for human who is interested in displaying their individual talents in well-known enterprises.