About Us

About Us

TATU Traffic Group is an internationally renowned integrated and professional supplier of road goods, many of which are in the international leading position. Lives-Road is a global professional brand , which always adhere to the "technology, crafts, quality and innovation" and meet European technology standards in the field of road construction machinery manufacturing.

To meet the Chinese road construction and maintenance as well as global market realities demand and trends, TATU Traffic group adhering to its " High-end, System beyond, and comprehensively promote" industrial development strategy, joining the European technology and invest 400 million yuan, has built a modern road technology research and development institutions and special-purpose machinery manufacturing base in Tongzhou Bay Area, Jiangsu Province. TATU has launched a Lives-Road special-purpose vehicles (trailers), road maintenance machinery, road construction machinery, dedicated road construction machinery products, etc.

Lives-Road brand will continue to promote the vitality of its technical innovation, lean manufacturing advantages and emphasis on the customer experience, in terms of performance, efficiency, energy saving, environmental protection, security and other aspects, in strict accordance with European standards, committed to developing the road construction machinery specialized product development, manufacturing and sales. 

With Lives-Road take root in China, Lives-Road will help our customers to enhance the value of sustainable development in a wider field and higher standards