HD Safe City Solutions

Background and Challenges
Construction of urban video surveillance system is an important foundation for achieving security and stability of the city, is an important part of the "Safe City", but a "smart city" an important carrier. With high-definition monitor technology matures, "high-definition" has become an inevitable trend of peace urban construction. City video surveillance system has been made "visible" video security system, fully to "see" in HD Safe City networked systems, and follow the principle of "built for use with for war" began "to see to understand," the construction of intelligent systems.
How to build "see, see to understand," the city of peace, how to build a shared system to integrate various resources, how to build a service business, the public security monitoring system is the information construction process of public security under the new situation facing problems.

HD Safe City Solution Relying integrated application management platform to build safe city HD security surveillance systems, high-definition surveillance system bayonet, HD electronic police system, HD staff bayonet system, mobile police system, as well as the social aspects of video resources integration system scientific monitoring layout optimization, to "point, line, surface" full coverage, so as to establish long-range global grasp, regional nearest stereoscopic depth perception and close observation of prevention and control system.
User Value

(1) Full HD video experience

From the collection, transmission, storage, control the display, provides users with a comprehensive HD experience. Front-end HD support network, different solutions to high-definition digital, and supports 1080P @ 60fps codec capabilities, relative to the normal monitoring screen get sharper, smoother video images; using industry-leading hi-low bit rate algorithm, 720p just 1 ~ 2Mbps rate, 1080p only 3 ~ 4Mbps rate, relative to the original high-definition monitor can save more than half of the transmission bandwidth and storage space; the center of the display device using the splicing big screen, the screen itself supports 1080P even higher physical resolution, the full realization of the effect of high-definition screen.

In addition, high-definition monitor also greatly improved the accuracy of intelligence analysis algorithms, is conducive to video retrieval, behavioral analysis, face recognition and other intelligent applications with the introduction of intelligent coding, intelligent detection, intelligent control "technology set" for support, support for cross-border detection, face detection, scene detection, audio detection and so on.

(2)Video monitoring experience of local conditions

Scientific monitoring layout optimization, rational planning monitoring point, the combination of different scenarios for the camera, build hierarchical city video surveillance joint prevention and control system, to provide a good foundation for the realization of the public security organs infrastructure depth video applications, effective public security service real struggle.
Video capture, video processing, license plate recognition functions, support for loop detectors, video detection, combined detection and other detection modes, the protection system to capture high capture rate.
Built-in proprietary traffic class vehicle detection, identification, violation detection algorithm, based on the vehicle contour video tracking algorithm, greatly improving the violation detection reliability.
High Refreshing mist camera uses advanced technology in real-time through the fog, to achieve effective monitoring haze, dust, and other harsh hazy overcast weather, protection of urban security monitoring, road traffic monitoring needs.
Whole new generation of mobile terminal man, IP67 three anti-design, with 1080P video, 1080P network transmission and other professional features, built-in face recognition, document recognition, license plate recognition, cluster intercom and other applications to help the public security organs mobile police applications.
In addition, high speed dome camera provides high-definition, high-definition infrared cameras, thermal imaging cameras, face capture, mobile car, access control, alarm access control and other security products across the board, serving in a variety of public safety scenarios.

(3)Efficient application of intelligent analysis

Multiple types of intelligence analysis application experience, become passive monitoring to proactive prevention.
Than face capture experience for access security personnel bayonet than face capture offers blacklist warning, surveillance personnel, face retrieval, large libraries than other intelligent applications, it is beneficial for real-time surveillance of suspects .
Intelligent security patrol experience, support staff gathered areas appear, quickly move across the line alarm, regional invasion, staff wandering legacy items, illegal parking and other testing, help duty officers to detect anomalies within the jurisdiction.
In addition, the system supports video summaries, video and other video retrieval intelligent rapid retrieval applications, to improve the efficiency of video viewing purposes; system supports image enhancement, image restoration and other intelligent image processing applications, highlight or suppress some of the characteristics of the image so that the image minutiae clearer picture of the effect of improving the senses.

(4)Integrated sound system operation and maintenance services

Stable operation of the system is to protect the normal operation of a variety of business, to provide users with comprehensive network-wide monitoring and management system, support for the front camera, the back-end video equipment, business servers, storage devices, network devices, databases, middleware, business applications systems, computer room power environment, and other equipment and real-time monitoring and management of resources, effectively reducing the potential risk of the system.


The introduction of video quality diagnostic technology to support video loss, color cast, image blur, real-time monitoring of interference fringes, snow and other camera anomalies, which will help the system operation and maintenance personnel to detect the front-end equipment failure.