Over-speeding & Red Light Monitoring System

Over-speeding & red light monitoring system developed by LIVES-ROAD consists of mainly information collection, network transmission and central management. Its core equipment is an embedded integrated HD camera, which is developed by LIVES-ROAD, and contains such functions as snapshot, video recording and transmission. Cameras in every lane can work independently. The system features in simple structure, stable performance and high environment adaptability, takes various elements of the road traffic into account, intgrates people, road and vehicle in order to make traffic monitoring be truly “intelligent” and greatly improve the efficiency of traffic management. It is an industry-leading high-tech intelligent traffic product.

The license plate recognition and speed measuring system that LIVES-ROAD develops adopts advanced electronic terminals, computer hardware and software, image processing, network communication technology and other technologies or products to automatically records passing vehicles’s license plate numbers, license plate colors, models, driving directions, speeds and other parameters24-hour uninterruptedly; meanwhile, it implements automatic alarm to illegal vehicles that have behaviors of robbing, speeding, hit-and-run, unprocessed illegal records, etc.

System control software

System topology