GPS Smart Lock management system for petroleum transportation

Transport vehicles with smart electronic lock can strengthen the supervision of the vehicle during transportation, significantly improve logistics monitoring and management capabilities for logistics enterprises. Smart electric lock developed by LIVES-ROAD is intelligent security sealing systems by use of high-tech and can contact bayonet system. The system with the bayonet system, GPS system, tally reports, release information, dispatched and monitoring equipment organicintegration, timely reading, collecting vehicles shut the regulatory process through accurate information and timely security and alarm functions, effectively detect and prevent the occurrence of steal , theft and other case in process of transportation.


1.After on-board equipment start to work, self-checking function is activated: indicator displays working sLives-Roads after self-checking.
2.Can accurately confirm the compliance of oil depots and service stations and the reasonableness of loading and unloading time.
3.Personnel management: gasoline station managing and electronic key is one-to-one correspondence. Querying using sLives-Roads is available by way of electronic key.
4.Results query: query records and analysis illegal operation possibility. Open/Close after sealing is judged as illegal on-off, while judged as operation normal after unlocking.

System topology