GPS Smart Lock management

Transport vehicles with smart electronic lock can strengthen the supervision of the vehicle during transportation, significantly improve logistics monitoring and management capabilities for logistics enterprises. Smart electric lock developed by LIVES-ROAD is intelligent security sealing systems by use of high-tech and can contact bayonet system. The system with the bayonet system, GPS system, tally reports, release information, dispatched and monitoring equipment organicintegration, timely read

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City Parking Lot Manageme

Parking Guidance Information system, is a kind of intelligent transportation system, uses variable and multilevel information distribution electronic screen as information carrier, which provide information such as exact location of parking lot and current live data of carport to the drivers, guide drives to park in proper, provide data for analysis, and assist with administrative department for making decision. This system consists of data collecting, data transmission, central manager system,

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Over-speeding & Red L

Over-speeding & red light monitoring system developed by LIVES-ROAD consists of mainly information collection, network transmission and central management. Its core equipment is an embedded integrated HD camera, which is developed by LIVES-ROAD, and contains such functions as snapshot, video recording and transmission. Cameras in every lane can work independently. The system features in simple structure, stable performance and high environment adaptability, takes various elements of the road

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Traffic Guidance System

Traffic guidance system is an important part of highway traffic safety guarantee system, and it is an effective means for traffic managers to release instructions or provide informationstimely to road users so as to ensure driving safety. When there aresevere weather conditions or traffic accidents and other particular circumstances occur, traffic managers can release relevant informations through the system in time, and implement traffic control measures to maximally guarantee smooth traffic. T

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Traffic Flow Detection Sy

LIVERS ROAD Intelligent Traffic flow detection system is a road image intelligent system, use image processing and recognition technologies and the video signal detect the traffic flow. The system uses camera to receive signal, then use image process equipment transforms video signal to digital image, and finally use computer processes digital image to recognize vehicles. When the vehicle passes “virtual coil”, the system will record traffic flow and relevant vehicle information and send the dat

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Road Monitoring System

Road monitoring system is a comprehensive information management system consisting of subsystems such as information collection, data transmission, central control and information distribution system, etc. It contains two functions: detection and control.

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